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Naga Dawn

aga Dawn is a young adult science fiction novel about five teenagers in the early days of an apocalyptic alien invasion. After Sydney is destroyed and its inhabitants turned to ash, snake-shaped nagas roam the city wiping out any survivors.

Benny Carrick and his companions Salila Chandrasaken and Jen Cheong battle constant mortal danger in the ashed wasteland, while fighting  a traumatised soldier who believes they are in league with the invaders.

Their tentative hope for rescue is lost when they witness the brutal defeat of the last armed force in the city. Even worse, a survivor of that battle informs them the destruction is worldwide. Against the odds and despite perilous internal divisions, they manage to capture a naga, discovering it is actually a human-like alien in an armoured environmental suit. Without the suit, the creature is vulnerable. Arming themselves with its weapon, a tiny ember of hope is ignited.

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